Adoption Services

Every child deserves a lifelong, supportive family.  Child and Family Connections and our network of providers have the goal of finding loving homes for children in our care.

Throughout the state of Florida on any given day about 1,000 children in care are waiting to find adoptive homes.  Of these, more than 100 live right here in Palm Beach County.  These are children whose parental rights have been terminated due to abuse, neglect or abandonment.  The majority of these children are:

  • Over the age of 8, with many being teens
  • Part of a sibling group
  • A member of a minority group
  • Physically or emotionally disabled

Benefits of Public Adoption:

AFFORDABLE:   While private forms of adoption can cost upwards of $30,000, adopting one of Florida’s children through the public adoption system costs little or nothing.

LEGALLY SECURE:  Because Florida’s children are not eligible for adoption until a court has already terminated the parental rights of their birth parents, this form of adoption is very secure.

MONTHLY FINANCIAL SUPPORT:   Families adopting one of Florida’s children in care often receive a monthly subsidy to help offset ongoing costs.

HEALTHCARE:  All of the children receiving a monthly subsidy are eligible for health care through the Medicaid program until age 18.

COLLEGE TUITION:  Florida’s children adopted from community-based care are eligible for free tuition at any state university, community college or vocational school in Florida.

A COMMUNITY OF SUPPORT:  Other parents who have adopted Florida’s children offer a wealth of support and information for new, adoptive parents and even maintain a 24-hour helpline.


Open the heart of a your home.

For more information on adoption, please call Patsy Edwards at (561) 868-4334. You may also access additional information at the Children's Home Society of Florida's website: